Indra Petersons is active on her social networks. Say hello by friending her on Facebook or following her on Twitter!

Indra Petersons is represented by John Ferriter, Managing Director of Octagon Entertainment. Visit!/contact to get in touch.


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Indra, i hope i dont make u feel like I’m being creepy, but you are a very beautiful woman. Definitely the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. I love my girl but i just had to let u know im crushing on u everyday when i see u on cnn. U make my day brighter every morning. Thanks for allowing me to send this message!

  2. This woman is HOT. I found myself in a trance watching her daily on channel 7. She is everything a stunning perfect woman should be. Classy. Smart, funny, and so beautiful. Who is the lucky bastard? I never saw a ring! Then one day, Poof. She was gone. She broke my heart. Then today I say her on CNN. THANK GOD SHE’S BACK. I LOVE YOU INDRA! I hope you read this cause you just need to know.

  3. I find Indra lovely. I grew up and went to school in Greenwich Connecticut with Rob Marciano, my friend.. I saw Indra today on CNN for the first time. Wearing a black and Green jumpsuit.. My GOD she is stunning. Smart , Beautiful and sweet.. Whoever hired her hit it out of the park.. I will tune in just to see her, well done… I am Scott Day at I live in Greenwich and am single Indra.. Smiles

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